Further Seems Forever (also known as furtherseemsforever or FSF) is a very sharp emo band from Southern Florida. It is formed, I am told, of members from Shai Hulud and Strongarm. The members of FSF are Nick Dominguez (guitar), Joshua Colbert (guitar), Steve Kleisath (drums), Chad Neptune (Bass), and Chris Carrabba (vocals). Or at least, these were the member as of their album, The Moon is Down. Chris has since left to pursue what is turning out to be a very successfull side project, Dashboard Confessional. If fact, if you're a fan of Dashboard at all, but would prefer something that puts more emphasis on rocking out, I highly recommend this group. FSF is characterized by Chris's excellent songwriting and singing, backed up by high energy guitars and overall excellent musicianship.

Further Seems Forever eventually auditioned for a new lead signer, chosing Jason Gleason, former front man for the band Affinity. This is when I stopped caring.


Full Length: The Moon is Down

  1. The Moon Is Down - 3:12
  2. The Bradley - 3:01
  3. Snowbirds and Townies - 4:26
  4. Monachetti - 2:42
  5. Madison Prep - 2:54
  6. New Year's Project - 4:14
  7. Just Until Sundown - 3:14
  8. Pictures of Shorelines - 3:12
  9. Wearing Thin - 2:59
  10. A New Desert Life - 8:52

Split EP: From the 27th State (With Recess Theory)

  1. The Bradley
  2. Justice Prevails
  3. New Year's Project
(The other three songs on this album are from Recess Theory)

Compilation: Emo Diaries: Vol. 4 - Ocean Of Doubt
6. Vengeance Factor
(There are 11 songs on this album not from FSF)

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