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Synthpop/dance/techno/industrial band Information Society has a history of opening its albums with a short spoken sample, then leading immediately into a fast and danceable song. With their first album, InSoc's famous Star Trek sample library was used to good effect, and the album was kicked off by Doctor McCoy saying the words

It's worked so far, but we're not out yet

and then we hear Kurt Harland singing the opening words to Information Society's most famous song, What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy).

The album Peace and Love, Inc. opens much the same way, but instead of a Star Trek sample, you have Kurt saying in a snappy and sarcastic voice:

I'm not exactly in the mood for Mozart and all that kind of goings-on

and immediately thereafter the beat hits and the band launches into the album's title track.

People seem to really enjoy this quirky way of opening an album. That spoken sample sets the tone and mood for the rest of the disc. Put on Peace and Love, Inc. or InSoc's first album, and you can see people who know InSoc mouthing the words to that initial sample, then nodding their heads when the beat sets in. Go, listen. Share and enjoy.

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