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Large, segmented worms that frequently reached a length of 300 meters or more, they were responsible for the production of the spice melange on Arrakis. The conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen took place during this process, eliminating Arraiks' need for plants. Drowning a young sandworm produced the Water of Life, used in Bene Gesserit rituals and in the selection of the Kwitzatz Haderach.
The Fremen used them as really impressive tanks.

There were apparently various problems with creating the sandworms for David Lynch's movie version of Dune according to Ed Naha in his book "The Making of Dune".

The Sandworms were small models and the sand was actually fine dust-like spheres. The models were filmed at high speeds so it looked convincing. But this meant that no one saw the results until the rushes.

After viewing the first test footage apparently all the men left the auditorium feeling very inadequate, and everyone agreed they would have to be very careful how they photographed the worms in future.

Sand"worm` (?), n. Zool. (a)

Any one of numerous species of annelids which burrow in the sand of the seashore.


Any species of annelids of the genus Sabellaria. They construct firm tubes of agglutinated sand on rocks and shells, and are sometimes destructive to oysters.


The chigoe, a species of flea.


© Webster 1913.

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