"George, George, George of the Jungle!"

The show started off when a plane in Africa crashed, and the only person missing was a baby George.

A dimwitted, clumsier cartoon version of Tarzan. The most famous line in every episode was "Watch out for that tree!" as he would swing on vines, he'd slam into a tree trunk.

His wife was called Ursula, he had an elephant for a pet, called Shep. His best friend was an ape named Ape.

The show was a half hour long, but George was the first episode, the next episode was Super Chicken, then Tom Slick (just like Speed Racer).

The show ran from 1967-1970, but got into reruns on Fox in 1992, and ABC in 1995. (Thanks yesterdayland.com for the years)

In 1997, Brendan Fraser played George in the Disney movie remake, (rated PG), with Leslie Mann as Ursula.

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