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A large body of water in Southern Ontario. It is enclosed by the Bruce Peninsula, Manitoulin Island, and the Thirty Thousand Islands. It stretches all the way from Collingwood to just south of Sudbury (in Northern Canadian Measuring Units, of course). It's about 195 km long and 75 km wide and drains into Lake Huron.

Georgian Bay features lots and lots of little inlets, bays and islands.

Georgian Bay is, for my money, the most beautiful place in Southern Ontario. Most of the coast line is deserted and hasn't changed much since the last glacier went through. The exception being the high frequency of relics from long ago. Old fishing villages, ship wrecks and failed settlements from times long past can be found everywhere.

The natural beauty of Georgian Bay is quite remarkable. The Bruce Peninsula appears as endless cliffs with coniferous growth on the tops and the bases. In other areas where the Shield is more prevalent one can find entire islands made of Quartz Crystal.

Sailing around Georgian Bay is a wonderful experience. The cleanest air around, clear blue waters, the sound of the wind blowing and water lapping against the side of the boat. I wish I was there right now.

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