Geronimo Pratt: also known as geronimo ji Jaga

J. Edgar Hoover considered him a potential messiah for Black people, however the police force feared him as one of the biggest threats to national security. He was framed by the FBI's infamous COINTELPRO and imprisoned for the murder of schoolteacher Caroline Olsen that occurred on a Santa Monica tennis court. Geronimo maintained that he was at a national Black Panther Party meeting in Oakland seven hours away and that FBI agents and police hid and possibly destroyed wiretap evidence that would prove it.

Twenty-seven years later in June of 1997 his conviction was overturned and he was released. The facts in the case did not change during the twenty-seven years he spent locked up - Geronimo was clearly held all this time for his political beliefs.

Geronimo is one of the most powerful and famous New African revolutionaries in the world today who has been a consistently strong leader since the 60s. He is a hero and leader by example to many young Black youth, and was for his god-son Tupac Shakur.

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