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Salmon filet
Japanese Eggplant
Green Onions
Red Bell Peppers
Ginger Root
Olive/Sesame Oil

1. Mince the Ginger & Garlic, put in a bowl with the oil, marinate the salmon while you prep the rest.
2. Mix about 1/2 cups mirin & soy, & squeeze in the juice from 2 lemons. Simmer in a small saucepan; aim to reduce volume by ~1/3 to 1/2.
3. Chop the veggies (duh).
4. Heat up a skillet just large enough to hold the salmon plus the veggies crushed around it. Drop the fish+oil on the pan, cook one side of the fish.
5. Rotate fish, drop in the veggies.
6. At your discretion, add the lemon/soy sauce you're reducing.
7. Cover fish & simmer with the sauces for a bit to let the veggies pick it up.
8. Serve on rice.

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