Ginseng Juice Boost is an energy drink from the company Uptime. It comes in the tall skinny can that is typical for energy drinks, in an 8.4 oz (248 ml) size.

It is the only energy drink I've found for far with absolutely no B vitamins, as as you can see from the supplement facts below, has almost no USDA approved nutritional content of any sort.

Their website,, has this to say :

The new High-performance Energy and Recovery drink from the makers of Uptime. Ginseng Juice Boost is a unique balance of ancient herbs, formulated to meet the needs of active individuals who demand optimal physical, mental and spiritual performance. Ginseng Juice Boost is a natural year-round thirst quencher. It is ideal for sports people, travelers, dieters, students, executives, seniors, homemakers and all those with an active life-style.
While the can proclaims :

Perfecting The Power To Achieve
Ginseng Juice Boost
with Taurine
Ginkgo Biloba
* Enjoy and Share * Enjoy and Share * Enjoy and Share * Enjoy and Share *
Distributed by UPTIME Sports Nutrition Medical Industries

Supplement Facts:
Calories 110
Potassium 35mg
Carb 27g
      Sugars 27g
Vitamin C 10%
Calcium 10%


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