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A town in Fife, Scotland of about 40 000 people. Founded as a new town in 1948 to provide housing for miners working in the nearby Rothes Pit. Anyways, the coal mine closed down, but some light industry had moved in, so all was not lost. Quite an interesting place in that you get quite a mix of social backgrounds living on the council estates. Unfortunately things started going downhill when they began shipping in the unemployed single mothers from Glasgow. Things were only made worse by people moving into the private estates with preconcieved ideas about who should live where. Basically, the schools went to shit, the cinema closed, and all the children spent there time at the pub that never shuts.

Then again, that might just be bullshit, and I'm basing my ideas entirely on my experiences in Tanshall. Although I'm told that Macedonia is much worse ;)

It does have a nice shopping centre though, which does have a music shop. (Two now actually: Coda and MVC)

There's also three high schools and a technical college.

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