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Oldest brewery in Krefeld, brewing a tantalising, obergärig (meaning brewed with the yeast saccharomyces cerevesiae) beer with resemblance to Koelsch but of a darker colour. Average in its alcohol content with 4.9%, but still packing a punch after the consumption of 20 glasses, it is best being consumed on the premises of this small, independent beermaker in the heart of left lower rhine area.

The premises resemble a classic german beer-hall, with long, scrubbed tables, occupied by a vast spectrum of punters right through the range of Krefeld's social classes. The walls are covered with drawings and caricatures of local poets through the centuies. A characteristic feature of breweries in the lower rhine area, the rich and powerful together with celebrities are quite happy to sit next to Joe Bloggs (or in this case, "Juergen Schmitt") and enjoy their beer without getting harassed, as the atmosphere is strictly informal and joyous.

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