God Save the Flag

This poem recalls a quote I heard once but can't find the author who said it....War is a boyish game fought by boys. This is a Civil War poem and I know from the genealogical records of my family that we had ancestors in Virginia. One particular family had two sons and sent one to fight in the armies of the Union and the other to the Confederacy in the vain hopes that whichever side won their family might survive. Some may think that these were men and not boys but as a mother of two young sons I can assure you that I think of them as boys. This poem is a reminder to me of what must have been an agonizing sacrifice and how they balanced their family along with their patriotism. The tone here is that of a thinking patriot about the way the educated classes saw America in relation to the rest of the world. There are stains on it's Flash (of) broad ribbons of lily and rose..... and the blood of brave boys is needed to clean it.


Public domain text taken from The Poets’ Corner:

CST Approved

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