In the UK most people would associate the term with the most popular of the daily tabloids, and their very famous, very distasteful headline during the Falklands War.

After the sinking of the Belgrano, The Sun's front cover carried a huge, single word headline, reading 'GOTCHA'.

For The Sun, it was a glorious moment of war, appealing to the jingoism they had been feeding for weeks (with endless stories about Our Brave Boys and the Dirty Argies. The rest of the country, however, was less tempted to dance with glee over the drowning of hundreds. Especially as the Belgrano was heading away from the exclusion zone.

Referring to the Gotcha moment in British journalism conjours up other crass, self-congratulatory moments where tablouds get their jollies from sticking two fingers up at their figures of hate (the EC, Brussels, perverts, the Labour Party, anyone who is rude to The Queen Mum, etc). The recent name and shame call to arms from The News of the World is a case in point.

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