The Gra Roku (literally "Game of the Year") award is a Polish award given to board games, card games, and social games. Every year Gra Roku selects a game of the year, and this fact is duly noted by those that track these things, which includes, of course, the board game makers. Gra Roku gets its fairly small amount of international value in that it is only awarded to games that have been published in Poland, and it is usually the case that by the time a game is published in Poland it has some international following. So this is a small award that recognizes big, internationally-known games. Does this sound familiar? It should. It's exactly the same deal as the Hra Roku.

Gra Roku was originally given by the magazine Świat Młodych ('World Youth') from 1985-1993, but was reinstated in 2004 by the website, incidentally becoming a bit more relevant on the world stage. In 2007 the game committee made a change in the way the award was named; originally, the Game of the Year award was labeled according to the year the game was published in; that is, if a game was published in Poland in 2005, the award might be given in 2006, but it was still the "Game of the Year 2005" award. In 2007 this was changed so that the award was named after the year it was given (rather than the year the game was published). Because of this change, there is no Game of the Year 2006.

Gra Roku 'Classic' Winners:

2005 Revamp

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