Real name of porn star Annabel Chong, infamous for staging The World's Biggest Gang-Bang, a record-setting pornographic movie wherein she had sex with 251 men, the filming of which was done concurrently over a 10-hour timespan (or, that is, a new man every three minutes) final among which was Ron Jeremy.

Grace is a 22-year-old gender studies student at the University of Southern California and was recently the subject of the movie Sex: The Annabel Chong Story.

It is ironic that Grace Quek is not only from Singapore, infamous for its censorship laws, but also from one of the city-state's top all-girl secondary schools as well as a product of its "gifted" streaming programme. In other words, Grace Quek is one of the top 1% of her cohort in terms of intellect.

One can therefore imagine the controversy when The New Paper, arguably Singapore's most prolific tabloid, published the news of her infamous feat in 1996 - one year after it happened.

She is also a self-proclaimed nymphomaniac.

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