Grand Buffet is a rap (but not quite, and quite white) duet from Pittsburg, PA. They have amassed a small cult following with songs such as Let's Go Find the Cat, and Fire (in which they talk about melting down cars to make 5 ft tall shins for their 30 foot android). For all those who are familar with Don Red, picture his style but sillier and with more synth beats, less lyrics about pussy, and more lyrics about robots and candy bars.

The pair consists of Lord Grunge and Grape-A-Don. They have described themselves as "two assholes with a CD player". Their live performances are smattered with instances of Grape-A-Don shaving on stage and/or running around in underwear made of duct tape.

Their releases so far are Sparkle Classic which they made in 2000 and a new EP called Undercover Angel. Undercover Angel supposedly "tells the story of two dickheads in a rap group who die, make the cut and become angels, but are then cast back down to earth in order to 1.) be the best goddamned baby sitters this side of heaven's unearthly estate and 2.) expose a massive, thousand year old conspiracy."

The rumor is (which they started) is that they will be out with another album Cigarette Beach and a children's album Gorilla & Fox. They have been on tour playing all around the United States and have a website at which has quite a few free .mp3 downloads.

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