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I recently spent a week at Grand Lake Lodge, located up the hill from Grand Lake and nestled in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. The lodge is fairly small, with a maximum capacity of about 175. I was with a party of 28, and we had six cabins, all comfortable and adequate. The Lodge is very near Rocky Mountain State Park, with many different hikes available for half or full day trips. Also, the lodge itself is a National Historic Landmark.

The lodge is a few minutes drive from the town of Grand Lake, with a wonderful view of Grand Lake and Shadow Lake from the front deck. They also have a swimming pool and a hot tub, and a nice recreation room. The staff were nice, though I did not come in contact with them very much.

Being out in the mountains, away from civilization, free from technology was very refreshing, and also gave me a chance to bond with new people. The small town feel prevented us from going our separate ways, and so I had the chance to relish family outings and some good-natured celebration.

I would highly recommend Grand Lake Lodge to anyone looking to coordinate a family vacation in Colorado. I had a wonderful time and appreciate the atmosphere and mood that it provided, as well as the withdrawal necessary to really connect.

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