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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Fish: 24. Gratin of Fillets of Turbot

Cut a few slices of bread, one inch broad and a quarter of an inch thick. Dip them into an omelette of a single egg. Stick them on the border of a dish, which lay on the corner of a little stove. Turn the dish when you have completed the circle, put a spoonful or two of smooth brown sauce, and let it "gratin" in the centre of the dish. Next take more of the same sauce, to which you add a quarter of a pound of butter, and mix this on the stove without boiling. Keep this sauce thick; pour into it a little thick cream; season it well; put your scallops into the sauce, and the whole into the dish in which you have "gratin" the sauce. Now level with your knife, and strew crumbs of bread over the scallops equally; heat a bored ladle, put a lump of butter into it, and baste the scallops with it; give them another coat of crumbs of bread, baste them again, and let them get a good colour with the salamander. When the "gratin" has got a good colour, take off' the slices of bread that you had previously stuck round the dish, to make room for others that have been fried in butter of a fine colour. If you have a deep dish, the first border will not be wanted: only the second, which makes the dish look better. If you trim and fry your bread nicely, it makes a handsome entree.

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