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The best movie that will never be made. Directed as a fan film by John Fiorella, this movie was "premiered" on the Internet as a trailer. The trailer can be found here, at The Force.Net:


Fiorella plays the title role, Dick Grayson, who is better known as Robin, Batman's intrepid sidekick. Many of DC's best and most nefarious characters make appearances in this "non-film", and all the excitement found in the comics literally screams from the trailer. Even with only 5 minutes of images, music and clipped dialogue, I found myself practically cheering and hooting with glee. The actors do a superb job of their portayals and the directing, even for a 5-minute trailer, easily out-strips ANY of the "legitimate" Batman movies I've ever seen. I saw this trailer and literally began to drool with anticipation and then, just as abruptly, almost screamed with frustration when I remembered that the movie doesn't really exist.

Here's what I could manage to figure out about the storyline from what I saw in the trailer:

Batman, the Hero of Gotham City, has been assassinated. Naturally, this creates some extreme interest from every quarter in the world. Reporters all converge on Gotham City, including the well-known Clark Kent from The Daily Planet in Metropolis. But, apparently, Clark has other reasons for being in Gotham- some overtly obvious and others not so clear.

Dick Grayson, Batman's former sidekick and best friend, has long-since retired from the Super-Hero world. And so has his wife, Barbara Gordon (A.K.A., Batgirl). The two are deeply shaken by the news that their friend and mentor, Bruce Wayne, has been killed. Barbara doesn't seem to want to put their child at risk by investigating the mysterious circumstances of Bruce's death, while Dick seems hell-bent on finding out the truth.

There are things going on in the upper eschelons of Gotham's law enforcement that Dick is aware of, however. Corruption, greed, murder and grabs for power. Dick is first exposed to the fact that Gotham's police will not help him when he learns, with the help of Commissioner Gordon, that Chief O'Hara has suppressed important evidence and has probably either hidden or destroyed it. While O'Hara doesn't hesitate to tell the media that Batman's death will be investigated, it seems that he's not at all interested in following through with it. Dick Grayson is engraged at this discovery.

So Dick begins his own investigation, against his wife's wishes and in defiance of his own "friends." Clark Kent meets with him and it is clear that there is bad blood between the two men. Clark obviously wants Dick to stop his investigation and Dick's mistrust of Superman takes a nose-dive right toward hatred. At first Dick thinks that Clark is just being foolish, but he soon learns that the Man of Steel is neck-deep in the conspiracy to kill Batman. And, what's worse, is that it seems like Superman isn't alone. Wonder Woman might be involved, too. Dick can only hope that Superman's involvement is coerced and not voluntary. He finds out, one way or the other, in a heated battle which possibly leads to more problems.

As Dick's investigation into Bruce Wayne's death goes deeper, he learns that The Joker is still alive and is, indeed, being supported by none other than Chief O'Hara. The Penguin, The Riddler and even Selena Kyle (Catwoman) all come back with a vengeance, a clear sign that the Super Villains of Gotham are about to take full advantage of the fact that Batman is no longer there to stop them.

Grayson finally decides to pick up where the Caped Crusader left off: he dons his Robin outfit and wages an all-out war on the darkest agents in Gotham City. Robin is pitted against all of them, at first alone, but he slowly and surely wins alliances with the likes of The Green Lantern and Batgirl.

Will the rest of the Justice League finally come to their senses and help Robin in his Last Crusade?

Will Gotham's corrupt police and political forces be brought to the justice that they so richly deserve?

Will the Super Villains finally pay for their evils?

Will Robin be able to walk in the shoes of the one man he respected the most?

Find out in the best movie that will never be made.

Grayson. Coming soon to a hard drive near you.

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