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Green Goblin’s Last Stand is an amateur Spiderman movie with real acting. And as the title might suggest, shows the “last” battle between Green Goblin and Spiderman (but there are other cadavers apart from Goblin, I won’t spoil the story…).

Although an amateur effort, Green Goblin’s Last Stand is quite good! I’ve seen the movie through an online video streaming service (free if you don't pay for your Internet access) at http://www.localorigination.com/general/action/index.asp. Image and sound quality are poor, but this movie is very well done, considering the limitations it must have faced (the film had a budget of 1992 US$500). (UPDATE from editorial staff: It seems that as of 2004, this item must be purchased as a DVD or VHS from Alpha Dog Productions (www.alphadogproductions.net).) There’s a fair amount of F/X, with Spidey swinging on webs and other clever camera tricks, and some of the acting is even remarkable (specially the Goblin).

While you wait for Sam Raimi to end his Spiderman: The Movie (and the arachnid comes with a new look, just in case you already had some kind of merchandising or action figures of the old “good” Spiderman), Green Goblin’s Last Stand is a good example of what you can do with a digital camera, a computer, a bunch of friends and old clothes…

Green Goblin's Last Stand, 1992 (video, 50min)
Directed and interpreted by Dan Poole and friends.

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