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As most of the people following the 2001 Console Wars have noticed (if they payed any heed to /.) was that XBox demo stations in stores weren't very reliable. A large portion of them would get segmentation faults, overheat, or have some sort of massive internal brain hemorrhage otherwise leading to a crash. Seeing as the XBox uses a stripped down Windows 2000 kernel it would seem fitting that some sort of blue screen engulfed television sets around the globe (except in Hong Kong where XBox's are apparently prohibited), as some sort of bizarre pact was made between the TVs and the computers. Luckily, this is not the case. The blue screen of death is right out, this is the new millenium and its time for the outstanding technology we deserve. That being said, the colour has evolved (remember, it's probably a feature, not a bug) from opaque 0000FF to a more pleasing lime green (RBG hex not available yet).

Will this doom the XBox, or is it merely a myth? We shall find out soon enough, for once Christmas roles around, the flock shall be thinned and only the strong will survive (unfortunately this works for the big M$).

Note: I claim no bias or fandom towards any company. I firmly believe that the best console should win, and that its truely the games that make or break the system nowadays. I also feel (coincidentally) that the best consoles shouldn't crash more than Indy 500 racers.

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