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by Stan Heleva

A strange comedy, which says that the author of Beowulf got some of his information wrong--Beowulf never killed Grendel (though he did rip off his arm). Grendel and Momma swam for North America, and are now hiding in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, where people know him as the Jersey Devil. Every so often, he attacks the locals, a fact which leads a young grad student (Wealtheow) and her brother to come hunting for him, as he haunts a local bar and terrorizes its patrons, particularly Luke and (Acting) Sheriff Unferth.

A lot more original than The Blair Witch Project, this is a very new play, from the Bloody Someday Productions team.

I saw this play last night here in Philadelphia; if you're in the area, I seriously suggest checking it out.

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