The absolutely unpronounceable name for a device made by Petzl for the purpose of rock climbing. In most cases, simply shorted to 'Gri'. (Similar to Grue, but they like to eat any sort of adventurer and arn't picky about if they're rock climbers or not)

Specifically, It's use to belay the climber, but as opposed to the more popular and common ATC, when the climber falls, a cam inside the Gri locks the rope off as soon as it is weighted beyond a certain point, reducing the chance of your belay person failing to lock off the rope, for whatever reason (not paying attention, bad grip, fatigue, unconsciousness, whatever). Many point out that because the Gri reduces the chance of an accident due to inattention, that it will encourage it, however I liken that to the argument that because you have a safety rope, you believe there are no possible consequences to falling.

Downsides are:
1. It's relatively new to climbing, and anything new to an activity where a single failure can mean a large red splat is not easily accepted.
2. The usage of said Gri is said to be less natural then a tube belay, although I personally don't find anything odd about it.
3. Expense. A common tube belay like an ATC will run you about $20. The Gri is likely to set you back 70-80. Personally, I feel the increase in safety to be worth probably more than 60 bucks, but it's funny when you start putting a price on your own life.

PLEASE NOTE: This node is not a replacement for training in any climbing technique or device. It's not a replacement for the advice of the manufacture of said device, who knows best its limitations. It's not even all the information a person would need in evaluating a decision to purchase one device or another. This node exists solely for the purpose of providing a bit of information to a non-climber as to what those little bits are hanging all over that crazy bastard who's dangling like a worm on a hook on some cliff wall.

Gree"gree`, Gri"gri` (?), n.

An African talisman or charm.

A greegree man, an African magician or fetich priest.


© Webster 1913

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