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Grid Runner is a bit of an unconventional action/puzzler game. You star as a space explorer who is captured by an alien and forced to compete against her monsters in her games. Her game consists of capturing a number of flags - but when you have flags, you are vulerable to being tagged. If you are tagged, you loose all your flags and must return to the center.

You have 6 powers at your disposal to help you acheive this goal, like speeding yourself up, slowing your opponent down, creating floors where they previously did not exist, and so on. But you cannot use these with impunity - you have only so much power, which increases very slowly as you play.

You face a series of computer controlled opponents of increasing skill - the first will make you think 'this is too easy!' but not too much later, you will be struggling. Not only that, but a 2 player mode is availiable, to test yourself against other human runners.

While this isnt the SEGA Saturn's best title, it certainly isnt bad, especially if you can get it cheap like I did. (grin)

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