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GrokLaw is a weblog created by Pamela Jones (PJ on the site), a paralegal. GrokLaw was created by PJ to help explain to people the legal background of the stories from Slashdot, notorious for IANAL comments espousing legal theories.

GrokLaw took off when the SCO Group started claiming ownership to pieces of Linux. Unlike Slashdot's readership, which is almost entirely technical, the GrokLaw community is more mixed, with a noticeable fraction of law-knowledgeable people. The website is a collaboration to determine what is happening legally in technology, mostly focused on SCO Group. Readers transcribe PDFs and images to text, compile quotes from various parties, maintain timelines, etc, as well as inform PJ of news stories that she may miss.

Like most small communities, the discussions are much more articulate and focused than discussions on Slashdot. The lack of a moderating system does mean that you must read all the comments, but the number is generally reasonable, at least currently. The legal theories espoused are more cogent and helpful readers respond with authority to questions concerning aspects of the law.

GrokLaw is the site to visit if you are interested in the happenings in the copyright and contract disputes that SCO Group has induced. Its URL is http://www.groklaw.net/

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