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Ground Force is a television program which appeared on BBC2 in 1998. The idea is, that the crew go to some house where the owner is away for two days and revamp the garden.
It's presented by the ever jovial Alan Titchmarsh, Charlie Dimmock and a bloke called Tommy Walsh. Charlie gained fame for that fact that a) she was a girl who liked getting her hands dirty and b) she never, ever wears a bra. This either makes people tune in, or write to Points of View complaining that we shouldn't see things like that before 10pm. Her lack of underwear can, often, be rather disconcerting.
Alan Titchmarsh seems like a nice bloke but he's a bit too dadlike for my taste. Tommy is a nice cockney bloke with crap braces.
Ground Force recently made over Nelson Mandela's garden.
He didn't seem to notice Charlie's lack of overtheshoulderboulderholder.

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