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The Gubru are one of the senior Galactic species created by David Brin in his Uplift Series.

Initially seen briefly in Startide Rising (Tom Orley fought with a Gubru on Kithrup) but then becoming the main antagonist in The Uplift War, the Gubru are avian creatures who are one of the fanatics who have been set in action by the discovery found by the dolphin ship Streaker (see Startide Rising for details).

The Gubru have a social structure with three divisions: Cost and Caution (bureaucracy), Propriety (religion), and Beam and Talon (military). Most individuals are neuter drones, led by a breeding royalty comprising sets of three individuals in each breeding group, one from each division.

When a new breeding group is needed, three drones are selected: the best drone from each division, and they are sent to jointly command a mission. Each selected drone becomes the Suzerain of the respective division, and command decisions are made by negotiation and agreement among the three, but there are also sexual overtones to the negotionation. Why? Because the one whose decisions dominate the mission (the true single leader) will become becomes the queen and molt red. The other two will become princes and will molt blue or amber. The molt must finish, and all three must survive for reproduction to occur.

Their patron species is the Gooksyu. The have the Kwackoo as a client species. They are enemies of the wolfling humans.

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