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Think of the smallest thing you've ever seen. Now chop it in half in your mind. Repeat the last step a few times, then run the result through Internet Explorer. You might end up with something not far from Guimp, the self-confessed smallest site on the internet. It has taken the online world by storm. (Well, kind of. It was mentioned by Toke from K10k on May 24th.)

A visit to the site is an amusing way to spend ten minutes or so. The HTML section contains a few distractions, such as a picture of Che Guevara for people with very good eyesight, not to mention a pixelly art gallery and a pseudo-live webcam. Also here is a very small (but nevertheless extremely flash) Google searchbox.

Undoubtedly, though, the best bits are to be found in the Flashed half of the site. If you've ever dreamed of having a game of Pong or Space Invaders with only a four hundred pixels to play with (and let's face it, who hasn't?) you'll probably spend several hours trying to beat the high-scores in the Game section.

There's entertainment for budding musicians in the Music section. Four sampled drumbeats and a very, very small piano (replete with a metronome designed for microbes) might not sound like much, but with 400 pixels to play with, what do you expect?

Even the most hardened gambler won't fail to be wooed by the schoolboyish charm of the Fruit Machine. Your reward is a satisfying ching! sound. Finally, there's a spiral page, constructed after extensive tests force-feeding LSD to fleas.

At first sight, that seems to exhaust the capabilities of Guimp. But more interesting than the site is the effect it has on the viewer. The navigation is obviously very limited, but with the resources it has the site copes very well. Bravo.

Lashings of pixelly goodness for everyone at www.guimp.com

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