Picture Element

The elements of a raster, arranged in rows and columns, each representing the color value of an image, at that point.

Most images displayed on a computer are comprised of pixels. Analog television images are not. Television images are represented by continuously varying analog wave forms.

Digital video/television images have rectangular pixels! This is an artifact of the way analog video is scanned onto the screen. It's an ugly little fact, but one that graphics artists that work in TV have to deal with.

Pixel is a brilliantly funny webcomic by Chris Dlugosz. The main characters of the webcomic are, needless to say, pixels. It contains hundreds of very funny jokes about graphics and computers in general, from the POV of pixels. Here is a short guide to the inhabitants of the pixelverse.

PIXELS Pixels are the main characters of the webcomic. A pixel's name is its Hexadecimal code, and then its binary code. for example, the "totally blue" pixel would have this name: 0000FF 00000000 00000000 11111111 There are 2^24 or 16,777,216 different pixels, each with a different colour.

VOXELS A voxel is the three-dimensional equivalent of a pixel, being cubic and able to move in the Z-axis.
POLYGONS Polygons are triangular, and although they are two-dimensional, they can rotate and move in three dimensions. They are constantly taking part in jousting matches, in which two polygons attempt to bisect each other.

VECTORS Vectors in the pixelverse aren't mathematical vectors; they're quadrilaterals described by vectors. Like pixels and plasmas, they are limited to two dimensions. In the webcomic, vectors are drawn with control boxes and a central anchor point similar to those used in Photoshop.
PLASMAS Plasmas are very similar to pixels, although their corners are rounded like those of an infant pixel. They use blank DVDs for many things, including coffee mugs. They like things that play MP3s. I cannot think of a use for that non-mp3-playing abomination of an object. - A Random Plasma The pixel webcomic can be found at: http://www.pixelcomic.net/

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