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Guitar Coil Selection is very important for the everyday guitarist.

The coils on the guitar are the rectangles or ovals under the strings in the body of the guitar. They sense vibrations in the strings magnetically. After the coils pickup the vibes, they pass it on to be translated.

Because there is usually more than one, selecting the right one for you can be a hassle.

  • 3 coils:
    1. Coil by the neck: Low, bassy sounds. This coil works well for overdriven rythm.
    2. Middle Coil: This coil has a slight twang while keeping a bassy sound. Good for blues or jazz rythm.
    3. Coil by the bridge: High pitched twang coil. This pickup works for most lead positions. Also, it increases the ease of artificial harmonics.
  • Remember: If you have a 5-position switch and 3 coils, you can combine coils. Combining coils reduces feedback, and most combinations are better for overdriven parts.

    In addition to selection, keep the coils clean. You could even drive to a gas-station, pay 25 cents, and use the pressurized-air to clean out the guitar's innards. Dust can cause static when using knobs or selectors. But be careful. Don't get the air so close that it disconnects wiring.

    Excuse me while I go be a rock-star... What can I say?

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