"Gunfight at Carnegie Hall" was the eighth and last album released by the singer-songwriter Phil Ochs, (although others were released posthumously. It's a live recording of parts of Ochs' two infamous "gold suit" concerts, which took place at Carnegie Hall in March, 1970, and which got him banned from that venue. Basically, the clinically insane Ochs dressed up in an impossibly tacky gold lamé suit and performed banal 50s Rock 'n' Roll, with only a few of his own topical, satirical, or increasingly melancholy folk songs. Meanwhile, the audience got puzzled, and then angry. As the singer says in stage patter on the album, his intention was to "make Elvis Presley into Ché Guavara"- i.e. bring the ostensibly pro-worker hippies down to the real world level of conservative, blue collar hardhats. Ochs did know what he was doing at the time, though no one else understood him.

The album was released in 1974 on the A & M label. Tracklist:

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