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Guniw Tools are mainly a japanese band, but they see themselves as an art project.

Founded by Full (Tomo Furukawa) in 1990, they developed a unique style with a great variety of influences. The band consists of Asaki on the guitar and Full, who seems to be talented in every form of art. He writes most of their songs, designs the cover artwork of their cd's and produces the video clips. They make a video for every song they write, and as Full has been working as a CG designer before, the clips usually look quite professional.

The songs sometimes are slow ballads, highly distorted techno, classic punk or a mixture of all these. They are usually treated as a Visual Rock band by the japanese media.

Right now, the band pauses because of differences with their label, but Full and Asaki continue to make music with their new bands, Nookicky and Age of Punk.

Guniw Tools also have a homepage at http://www.niwlun.net which is very informative (even for english-speaking users).

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