This is going to be an ironic nodeshell rescue. It wasn't even meant to be one. Imagine my surprise to find this was already a nodeshell, as I set out to write this node. I guess that without content this could have been (was?) construed as a deep or meaningful nodeshell. Sorry to ruin that, tftv256 (for pre-level-3-ers, who can't see who created nodes, tftv256 created this nodeshell).

Well.... The problem arises when you have an incredible title for a node, but no content to write up. (Much like tftv256 here). This can be because:

Then again, if ursus had left that last one as a nodeshell, he would have given up on a C! and about 62 rep.

So in my opinion, writing a good nodeshell is quite the art form, especially as, like any art form, it can provide no bread, only fame. Like Van Gogh or Mozart, who died poor sods, later to be recognised as genii, the nodesheller lives a life of low XP, and yet may bring joy into the lives of many.

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