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Title of three short piano works by the composer Erik Satie. These three pieces have become Satie's best-known music. The style is vague, reverent, and beautiful, vaguelyreminiscent of Claude Debussy.
Yes, I know that Debussy comes after Satie, but I think they sound 'alike'
I would not say Satie, the velvet gentleman, is reminiscent of Claude Debussy.

The Gymnopedies, who knows what a Gymnopedie is?, (a practioner of Gymnosophy maybe?) are somewhat mystic pieces that Satie composed in the 1880's, so, chronologically at least, cannot be reminiscent of works not yet composed.

A story is told about Satie, and the younger Debussy: Satie had composed a piece, some say it was a Sarabande--though given Satie's surrealistic sense of humour, evident only for the performer on each score as strange stories, it was probably not a real Sarabande.

Debussy was so impressed by this piece--it contained the sonorities that we have come to associate with the mature Debussy--that Satie vacated the entire avenue of composition.

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