The worst version of commercial unix available. It's not as nonstandard as AIX, but it has plenty of deficiencies to make up for that. Often referred to as HP-SUX. HP-UX sounds great at first, with things like kernel threads, but then you find out none of you current programs will port over to the damn thing without a lot of work. Plus the PA-RISC processor is a real dog. And all of their cabinets look like they were designed in 1970.

HP/UX is a common misspelling of HP-UX. MPE admins almost always spell it HP/UX. People who don't know what it is almost always spell it HPUX.

HP-UX is a marvelously stable OS that runs on fairly decent hardware. It comes with a hideously crappy admin "tool" called SAM and a freaking wonderful version of LVM.

Anyone declaring that free *nix rules and commercial *nix sucks, has never used Online JFS and LVM.

It is also interesting to note that, were Dave Packard given first billing over Bill Hewlett, the OS would have been called PH/UX. Some believe that this naming scheme is more appropriate than the original. Compare HP/SUX

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