HTM is short for HTML and is the file extension for HTML files on MSDOS 8.3 file systems. The LFN on Windows allows the file extension of .html to be used which is more common on Unix based system.

The HTM command is used to view and set the high-transfer mode threshold. Additionally, it shows the incoming data rate, which is useful when monitoring how you are doing when relinking to the network.
- IRC Operators Guide (

Less briefly, HTM is an IRC command for the operators to enable/disable and view info for high transfer mode, which is (as you might guess) for servers that are dealing with a lot of data. HTM changes the way the server works to more efficiently deal with a lot of data to/from other servers. (I don't know exactly how it does this, as I haven't done work with the ircd code.) Depending on the network, this could also be referred to as high traffic mode. Hybrid (EFnet's server) calls it transfer; Bahamut (for DALnet) says traffic.

On my computer, Bahamut says:
HTM is OFF(0), NOISY. Max rate = 40k/s. Current = 0k/s
Off is good in my case, and I shouldn't see any data flow, because no one connects to my server.

The help command (/raw or /quote help, that is) says the following. This is probably a much clearer explanation of what HTM does.

HTM [option]
  When no [option] is given, HTM shows the current 
  High Traffic Mode rate and whether HTM is on or off.

[option] can be one of the following:
  ON        - Forces High Traffic Mode to be on.  With
              this on, ircd is more efficient in
              reading server-to-server traffic and
              oper traffic, but will be less efficient
              than normal with normal client traffic.
  OFF       - Forces High Traffic Mode to be off.
              (see above)
  TO <rate> - Sets the High Traffic Mode rate to
              <rate>.  Ircd will automatically go
              into High Traffic Mode when <rate>
              is reached, and will automatically turn
              it off when things calm down.
  QUIET     - When set, ircd will not notify opers
              when it goes into and out of High
              Traffic Mode.
  NOISY     - When set, ircd will notify opers
              when it goes into and out of High
              Traffic Mode.

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