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Halal allowed, Haram not allowed, haram also means sin.

Ever wondered why Muslims take on so much trouble to eat Halal meat? Specifically in the way of slaughtering the animal which is fit for human consumption? The slaughtering process is chopping off an animals head with a sharp knife with one swift move to let the animal die a fast and painless death and letting all the blood drain out of the body through its jugular veins.

An analysis of any blood with any animal will show us that the blood contain Uric Acid, a toxic substance that is only extracted out of the blood through the kidneys and gets out of the body as urine. If any other form of killing the animal was followed other than the form of chopping its head off, then uric acid will accumulate through out its body and will make it more toxic than Halal meat. I.E: suffocating the animal, using bullets, arrows, beating the animal on its head, use your imagination.

Uric Acid may increase your chances of a heart attack
So why aren't pigs allowed to Muslims for consumption?

Because other animals will extract a huge amount of uric acid out of their blood stream while pigs do that on a much smaller scale. Not to mention the parasites that co-exist with the pig inside its meat. A cow would extract 98% of its uric acid while pigs will extract about 2%.

Heating does not decrease uric acid as much as you'd think it would, cooking food is meant to kill of bacteria.

Based on the strict diet and life style that Muslims go through, the average life expectancy for muslims is around 70.

Next time you eat an un halal meat think of urine. :)

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