* I. I run through green fields. Brown team lurks unseen, unheard. Know the map or die. II. Alone in the Jeep Lone gunman to the last shot Prideful death, or daft? III. Thrown blue plasma sticks with mirthless tenacity. posthumous reward IV. High-toned death crack-- Brown snipes from mountainous lair. Woe! My Green teammate! V. I hide to recharge. The thoughtless foe shows his back. Long-needed bloodfest. VI. Souless Banshee screams, Lasers strike, blue like plasma. Pray to find rockets. VII. My humble prayer: Painlessly traverse Blood Gulch. The Tunnels provide. VIII. Perfect stillness, then My laugh echoes my shotgun. Unknowing bastard. IX. The Lead has been Lost It Echoes Thrice with vigour. The Voice must be God. ---------- Philosophical Dyad: Some forgotten life Whispers to spare my brother. Halo screams to kill. How could I desire To spit upon proven friends? Halo turnabout. ----------

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