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Chapter 8 of The Tale of Genji

The Festival of the Cherry Blossoms
Spring of Genji's 20th year.

This chapter also begins with a royal feast, this in honor of Fujitsubo and the new crown prince. The Emperor convenes a chinese poetry contest where contestants are given words with which to begin their poems. As with the dancing in Momiji No Ga, Genji acquits himself brilliantly. To-No-Chujo also does very well.

Later, Genji snoops around trying to gain access to Fujitsubo's chambers. Unable to do so, he is however able to get into her apartments where he encounters a mysterious lady, humming the song Oborozukiyo. Genji quickly seduces her but she refuses to reveal her identity so she is known by that song title.
Genji suspects that she is one of Lady Kokiden's sisters, and as it turns out, she is indeed her sixth sister. She is also engaged to be married to the heir apparent. Before parting, Genji exchanges fans with her.

Later that Spring, Oborozukiyo's father holds a wisteria feast, which Genji attends. He sets out looking for Oborozukiyo, singing a song about a fan. Thus he finds her and they exchange poems.

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