Here's how you send a hand-delivered telegram. Having never done it before myself, I'm turning to the knowledge of one Mister Michael Moore, who asked specifically this information be passed on everywhere in any way concievable. So here it is, for posterity's sake.

  1. Call Western Union at 800-325-6000. Then wait for the live operator.
  2. Tell the operator that you want to send a hand-delivered telegram that needs to get there within the next few hours.
  3. It costs $17.95 for 15 words or less, and another $13.95 for the hand delivery. That's a total of $31.90. Most credit cards accepted.
  4. You can send it to any address you wish. Michael Moore recommended on December 10th, 2000 that people send telegrams to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and/or Justice Anthony M. Kennedy because he said they were "the only two conservatives on the Court who are not certifiable loons." The reason Moore was so adamant about this was that he believed a grave injustice was being done to the American people by the Powers That Be and he may not have been too far off the mark.

  • What is the address to the U.S. Supreme Court? I'm so glad you asked.

    Michael Moore also said, "I know thirty bucks is a lot of dough for many of you. Is our country worth $31.90? I think it is. If you truly can't afford it, then call the Supreme Court today and make your feelings known (202-479-3211 -- they say they don't have a comment line)."

    So if you ever need to get a brief message to somebody and it absolutely positively has to get there, and the people you're writing to don't find email very worthy of their time, here ya go. Now ya know. I hope someday soon you find this information invaluable.

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