The Hardanger fiddle is a special kind of violin from a region in western Norway called Hardanger. This is a region of mountains and fjords, very scenic and romantic. This region has its own characteristic folk music style, in which the hardanger fiddle is central.

The "hardingfele", as it is known in Norwegian, has four main strings that are sometimes, but not always, tuned like the strings of a normal violin. The hardingfele also has around eight (varies) resonator (drone) strings that are tuned accordingly. The hardingfele is almost always tuned to a particular key where the resonator strings give the best effect.

The hardingfele is exclusively used for folk music, playing Norwegian styles such as springar, halling, gangar etc. Due to the resonator strings, the sound is quite different from a normal violin.

The hardingfele has a very meticulous design, with a specially carved head, lots of purfling, and a fingerboard that has lots of inlays.

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