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Harmony is a new breakfast cereal created by General Mills. It is billed as a "nutritional breakfast cereal for women." It contains folic acid, soy protein, and calcium. Quite frankly, despite the ridiculous packaging and the marketing ploy, it is the best tasting cereal I have ever eaten. It is vanilla flavored with little almond clusters (I know, it's been done before - Clusters.)

Anyway, the cereal's packaging consists of a white background with soothing light blue womanly silhouettes dancing about, and multicultural women enjoying their breakfasts. I have a box of it sitting on my desk at work. My hooker-esque supervisor saw it from the side and rushed over to my desk and in a surprised voice asked me what it was. I twisted the box around so that she could see the cereal bowl on the front and told her that it was cereal. She was somewhat relieved and then, in a conspiratorial whisper leaned over to me and said, "I just saw the women and thought it was Kotex! I was gonna say, 'Aren't you embarrassed?'" I looked over at her and said, "I wouldn't care if it was Kotex!"

As if I should somehow be embarrassed that I possess a uterus and I am of child bearing age.

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