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(A Max Payne total conversion)

In the upcoming, chapter-released total conversion of the FPS computer game Max Payne Harold Stibbins, the title character is a drunk. A lowlife character stalking the streets of Ankh-Morpork who sets off on a quest to find his right shoe - missing when he wakes up from a hangover.

This free mod, based on author Terry Pratchett's beloved Discworld series is sure to be a hit among his computer game-playing fans. As of July, 2002, this mod is still in development, but the development team assures on their website that it will be released "soon". The mod will be released in chapters "when it is done", to allow player to begin before the release of the entire conversion.

The release of the mod will be free. The programmers are aware that the Discworld universe is copyrighted by its author, Terry Pratchett, and post this disclaimer on their website:

"Discworld and various names therein are trademarked to Hell and beyond. Terry Pratchett knows about us and says suing us is 12,983 on his list of things to do this year and he's up to number 7."

Oh, geez - I better put up a web address or two! How about:

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