Acronym for first-person shooter or frames per second.

DOOM and the Quake games are the most well-known games in the first person shooter genre. FPS games are generally rather gory and violent.

Frames per second is a measurement of the speed of a video recording or display. Fifteen FPS is acceptable for low-quality animation, twenty to forty for 3D games, and sixty for full motion video.

FPS in the video sense is actually Fields Per Second - there are two fields per frame. So your frames per second is actually half of your FPS. This applies to standard NTSC video. When you move into the territory of PC games and such things become quite a bit more convuluted. But if you ever see a game featured as running at 60 fps, but are confused as to how this can be when video only runs at about 30 frames per second, this is why.

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