Har"ry (?), v. t.. [imp. & p. p. Harried( ?); p. pr. & vb. n. Harrying.] [OF. harwen, herien, herien, AS. hergisn to act as an army, to ravage, plunder, fr. here army; akin to G. here army; akin to G. heer, Icel. herr, Goth. harjis, and Lith. karas war. Gf. Harbor, Herald, Heriot.]


To strip; to lay waste; as, the Northmen came several times and harried the land.

To harry this beautiful region. W. Irving.

A red squirrel had harried the nest of a wood thrush. J. Burroughs.


To agitate; to worry; to harrow; to harass.


Syn. -- To ravage; plunder; pillage; lay waste; vex; tease; worry; annoy; harass.


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Har"ry, v. i..

To make a predatory incursion; to plunder or lay waste.


Beau. & Fl.


© Webster 1913.

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