The one-way Harvard vs MIT rivalry has been going on for decades-- probably since the Institute moved across the river from Boston to Cambridge, where Harvard was already the university in town. It might even have gone back further than that.

There are dozens of examples of MIT students demonstrating their contempt for their rivals up the river. The expression "A Harvard education is like tending flowers; an MIT education is like forging steel" should give you some idea of the great esteem many MIT students hold a Harvard education in. Hackers love to prey on Harvard, and there have been many hacks big and small performed on the "little brick school up the river":

Well, MIT was MIT when Harvard was a pup
And MIT will be MIT when Harvard's time is up
And any Harvard son-of-a-bitch who think's he's in our class
Can pucker up his rosy lips and kiss the beaver's ass
--- The Engineers' Drinking Song

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