Matusow may have been a good artist. Because of his actions in the McCarthy Era, that subject may very well be banned to obscurity.

Harvey Job Matusow (October 3, 1926 - January 17, 2002) was, as many affectionately say, a Commie. A member of the U.S. Communist Party, Matusow is known more for perjury and less for appearing in left-wing drama.

Communism wasn't really popular in the 1950's. Thanks to Joseph McCarthy, Communists were getting blacklisted left and right. To avoid being blacklisted himself, Matusow turned in many Communists to the HUAC, as well as serving as a campaign aide to Senator McCarthy.

Those who would assume that this form of betrayal is bad enough should also know that he lied about the political stance of others, even making up Communists that didn't exist.

When Matusow wrote False Witness, he was found guilty of perjury and subsequently jailed for three years. It should be noted that his admittance of betrayal ultimately helped to undermine the McCarthy effort.

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