Hastings is another book/video/music chain store. It has locations in the west, mid-west and south. Hastings tries not to compete with larger markets so it sets itself up in smaller cities where the larger evils haven’t taken root yet.

Speaking of evil corporate whore chain bookstores, I list this one as less evil than both Borders and Barnes and Nobel. I was trying to justify this belief, and I really couldn’t nail it down. Until I remembered that Hastings bribes me with free coffee of all types, which always hits the spot. But anyway,

There also happens to be a Hastings location at the corner of Fry & 92, the presumed center or Sierra Vista, AZ. The location, late store hours and that infamous free coffee make Hastings the preferred meeting place of local teens. Guys and girls both call each other up and say “Meet me at Hastings” so they can decide where they are going to go to party, get drunk, and attempt to get themselves laid. The usual stuff.

Recently, the new mall, creatively entitled The Mall at Sierra Vista has threatened the sovereignty of the Hastings hangout, but it is hanging strong.

Has"tings (?), n. pl. [From Haste, v.]

Early fruit or vegetables; especially, early pease.



© Webster 1913.

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