Black Books episode guide: He's Leaving Home (episode 6)

Trouble on the home front. Bernard and Manny's relationship is undergoing ever-increasing stress as the disciplinarian in Bernard reaches new heights, and the (dare I say it) housewife in Manny becomes fed up with Bernard's selfish, untidy, uncaring behaviour.

Early in the morning, hours before Bernard will awaken, Manny waves goodbye to the bookstore and leaves "once and for all". When Fran comes to visit later in the day she becomes enraged at Bernard, and they both descend into a depressive slump.

Meanwhile, on the streets, Manny has made a new friend who offers him a glass of water back at his house. It turns out that this new friend's hobbies include photography, and after a quick photo shoot comes the line "So you've done this before, eh?"

Of course, Manny eventually realises that there are a couple of catches to his newfound lifestyle as a fashion princess. (one of which includes entertaining Japanese businessmen)

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