Audacity is a free cross-platform multitrack audio player/recorder/editor. It's available under GNU General Public License, which means you can view and modify the source code as well. The GUI is similar to that of the free version of Pro Tools (5.0.1 I believe) which makes it very user friendly. Mp3, WAV, and AIFF file formats are supported for both importing and exporting. Audacity also has a nice selection of digital effects. For the present, though, it is still under development so for now it's best used as a player/editor rather than a multitrack recorder. Alternative tools for Linux sound recording are ecasound (best with a GUI) and GLAME.

Au*dac"i*ty (?), n.


Daring spirit, resolution, or confidence; venturesomeness.

The freedom and audacity necessary in the commerce of men. Tatler.


Reckless daring; presumptuous impudence; -- implying a contempt of law or moral restraints.

With the most arrogant audacity. Joye.


© Webster 1913.

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