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Standing outside, watching the far-off third-floor window,
Wondering why the blue light blinks as is does,
Pondering what could make it happen, and smiling again,
In the bleak and solemn dark, cold and unforgiving,
Despite the midnight forces.
The cool air intrigues me, makes me want to linger on its fingertip
Makes me wish to be its thimble for the sewing of the coming fall.
No, don't go home quite yet…to the grass and back 'round…
Take your time! For lack of better terms, relax
Watch the clouds play in the stars…watch Mother Moon singing,
And for a short, short time, feel like I did when I was a child.
Make me barefoot, memories, and spare me not the details,
I wish to remember it all. Break down the barriers!
Allow myself to be open, bloom, rejoice,
Pray for them all, prayers for the rest of them,
And once again slip into the real woman.

I stood outside, watching the blue light in the window,
Making up stories in my head of what it was…
And I smiled to myself, hands in my trench coat pockets,
And tilted my head, then took steps, one black and white Converse after another,
Headed home.

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